Young ICCA Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

On 26 May 2010, following the closing of ICCA’s 20th biennial Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Marike Paulsson, Lise Bosman and Eduardo Damião Gonzalves announced the creation of Young ICCA. Today, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of what has become a thriving global community of young arbitration practitioners and students committed to opening the doors of international arbitration.


Despite the challenges that the international arbitration community now faces, we remember with pride what Young ICCA has achieved in the past, as a celebration of what will come in the future. Since the organisation’s launch in 2010, Young ICCA has grown from a few hundred members into a truly global organisation of over 7,200 individuals under the age of 40. In 10 years, Young ICCA has successfully hosted some 137 events around the world from Egypt and Morrocco to Krygyzstan and Pakistan; China and Singapore to Armenia and Australia- to name only a handful of the countries Young ICCA has been active in. In addition, Young ICCA has coordinated seven cycles of the Young ICCA Mentoring Programme and awarded some 17 scholarships to young practitioners to attend prestigious LLMs at the MIDS in Geneva, the University of Miami and the Tsinghua University in Beijing. Finally, with around 4,000 subscribers, Young ICCA has spread its mission and legal developments in international arbitration through the Young ICCA Blog.


Young ICCA’s growth and accomplishments are testament to the dedication and creativity of its past and present leaders – this includes the Young ICCA co-chairs, the Young ICCA Events Team, the Young ICCA Mentoring Programme Coordinators and the Editors of the Young ICCA Blog. In addition, Young ICCA’s founding co-chairs – ICCA Executive Director Lise Bosman, Eduardo Damião Gonzalves and Marike Paulsson – recently contributed some of their memories of Young ICCA to an article on the origins and past 10 years of the organisation. You can access the full article, as well as a special message from all past Young ICCA co-chairs, on the Young ICCA website today.


Congratulations, Young ICCA!