ICCA Awards Series

Awards Series

The ICCA Awards Series is an online publication created by ICCA, devoted solely to arbitral awards and related decisions that are of particular relevance to the development of international arbitration. The awards and decisions are selected in cooperation with various arbitral institutions to ensure their wide dissemination and enhance their visibility while maintaining confidentiality, if needed. The Awards Series is available through Kluwer Arbitration


Subscribers to Kluwer Arbitration will now have exclusive access to selected arbitral awards and related decisions from institutions around the world, indexed and redacted by the experts at ICCA. Each decision features an abstract summarizing the most significant legal and factual issues, and users can access keyword indexing to accelerate their research.


Kluwer Arbitration subscribers have full access to ICCA Publications, including the ICCA Awards Series - Volume I.

"The ICCA Awards Series is thoroughly curated, separates the wheat from the chaff, and aims at enhancing transparency and the rule of law in the transnational justice system."

- Stephan Schill