Policy for Cooperation with Other Dispute Resolution Organizations

ICCA recognizes the benefit of collaborating in appropriate circumstances with other prominent dispute resolution organizations, institutes and centres in fulfilling ICCA’s mission of promoting and improving the use of arbitration and other forms of international dispute resolution. 


ICCA’s policy for collaboration in selected events is as follows:


  • As a general rule, ICCA does not seek to engage in new collaborations with external entities, as a supporting organization or in any other official role;
  • Exceptions to this general rule may be made if the potential collaboration concerns an event or initiative that:


                - Is linked to an ICCA Congress;

                - Includes the participation in a key role of an ICCA Executive Body member or Executive Director;

                - Offers exposure to one or more of ICCA’s projects or publications;

                - Takes place in a region of high priority for ICCA; or

                - Warrants ICCA collaboration due to other compelling reasons (as determined by ICCA office-holders and/or ICCA Bureau);


ICCA does on occasion engage in cross-marketing of appropriate events; queries in this regard should be sent to bureau@arbitration-icca.org