ICCA launches new publication: the ICCA Awards Series

We are pleased to introduce the ICCA Awards Series, a new online publication created by ICCA devoted solely to arbitral awards and related decisions relevant to the development of international arbitration. Launched today at the ICCA-VanIAC joint conference in Vancouver, the awards and decisions are selected in cooperation with various arbitral institutions to ensure their wide dissemination and enhance their visibility while maintaining confidentiality.


"ICCA is proud to give high-quality arbitral awards the place they deserve in this new series,” said Stephan W. Schill, General Editor of ICCA Publications. "The ICCA Awards Series is thoroughly curated, separates the wheat from the chaff, and aims at enhancing transparency and the rule of law in the transnational justice system."


The launch of the ICCA Awards Series highlights the longstanding partnership between ICCA and Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S, adding to the list of ICCA publications available on Kluwer Arbitration, Wolters Kluwer’s online arbitration service. Users will now have exclusive access to selected arbitral awards and related decisions from institutions around the world, indexed and redacted by the experts at ICCA. Each decision features an abstract summarizing the most significant legal and factual issues, and users can access keyword indexing to accelerate their research.


"Our continued work with the ICCA is fundamental to our ongoing efforts to expand Kluwer Arbitration’s collection of international commercial and investment arbitration materials, providing legal professionals with the most comprehensive solution for arbitration," said David Bartolone, Vice President and General Manager within Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. "Through this collaboration, we are particularly pleased to offer our customers a unique selection of the most interesting arbitral decisions, while respecting the confidentiality of the parties."


The first batch of awards published was made possible through the generous assistance of the SCC Arbitration Institute, continuing ICCA’s productive collaboration with the SCC, which includes a "Focus on Sweden" - one of several one-stop collections of arbitration materials highlighting particular jurisdictions on Kluwer Arbitration. Collaborations with other arbitral institutes through the Awards Series are to follow soon.


"The SCC Arbitration Institute provides a neutral, independent, and impartial venue for dispute resolution the Swedish way in commercial business around the world," said Caroline Falconer, SCC Secretary General. "We keep at the forefront of change to meet the developing needs of the business community, and publishing anonymized SCC awards of general interest in cooperation with ICCA and Wolters Kluwer is in line with this goal and will provide better foreseeability in future arbitration."


Find out more about the ICCA Awards Series on Kluwer Arbitration: https://www.wolterskluwer.com/en/solutions/kluwerarbitration/icca