Successful New York Convention Roadshow in Indonesia

ICCA's Indonesian Roadshow was "one of my most satisfactory New York Convention Roadshows" said Governing Board Member Professor Albert Jan van den Berg, after travelling to Indonesia on 3 October 2013. "The judges were genuinely interested and showed a good understanding at the end of the day", he added, noting that the workshop was supported by USAID and the Indonesian Supreme Court and jointly organized by ICCA and the BANI Arbitration Centre, with Mr. M. Husseyn Umar. Preparation of an Indonesian translation of ICCA's Guide to the Interpretation of the NYC was accelerated, and judges attending received preview copies of the new Guide, kindly prepared by Vulkania Nesya Almandine, Raditya Pratamandika, Rahmi Siti Aulianti, Ridovi Kemal, and Priyanka Tobing of KarimSyah.