Registration for ICCA's 50th Anniversary Conference (May 2011) now open

Early bird registration for ICCA's 50th Anniversary celebrations in Geneva is now open. The programme commences with a conference hosted by Young ICCA on 19 May 2011, followed by a commemoration dinner in the evening of 19 May at which ICCA Member V.V. Veeder will give a keynote address entitled "Memories from ICCA's first 50 Years".

On 20 May, attention turns to the future with a conference entitled "Arbitration and ICCA: the Next 50 Years". The conference will start with two sessions about the present state of commercial and investment arbitration, reviewing whether commercial arbitration is now established as a transnational system of justice and whether investment arbitration has become a governance tool for global economic relations. Building upon these assessments, a third session will then address the changes that the future will bring and their implications for the practice of arbitration, asking questions such as: Will the players change? Will the proceedings change? Will practice in different arbitration places and fora evolve towards convergence or differentiation? Will the same changes apply to commercial and investment arbitration? How should ICCA address the changes?

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