Prof. Stephan Schill appointed as new General Editor ICCA Publications

ICCA is pleased to announce that Prof. Stephan Schill (University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Center for International Law) will assume the role of General Editor ICCA Publications in September 2018.


Following a call for expressions of interest on the ICCA website and a thorough selection process conducted by the ICCA Executive Body, current ICCA General Editor and Executive Director, the ICCA Governing Board, at the recommendation of the Special Publications Committee, has appointed Prof. Schill to the position of ICCA Publications General Editor. Prof. Schill will also become General Editor of the ICCA Yearbook.


“In the age of proliferation of international arbitration, its diversification in terms of substance, institutions, parties, counsel, and arbitrators, and with further digitalization and competitive pressure, publications in the field face formidable challenges. Building on the solid foundations already laid, I am looking forward to making ICCA publications face these challenges successfully and to develop them from a compilation of court and arbitration practice into more comprehensive knowledge tools, maximizing their usefulness for all those practicing or researching in international arbitration and providing cutting-edge analysis not found elsewhere,” said Prof. Schill.


ICCA President Prof. Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler congratulated Prof. Schill on his appointment, saying, “Stephan is a highly respected academic, with a good understanding of arbitration practice, significant experience in managing publications, and innovative ideas to further enhance the remarkable quality and attractiveness of our publications, for which ICCA is deeply indebted to Albert Jan van den Berg.”


The ICCA Publications General Editor is responsible for supervising the production of and developing a strategy for ICCA publications in consultation with the ICCA Governing Board, the General Editors of the Handbook and Congress Series, the ICCA Executive Director, the Managing Editor ICCA Publications, the PCA-ICCA editorial staff and publishers Wolters Kluwer. ICCA’s publications include: the Yearbook Commercial Arbitration, the ICCA International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration and ICCA Congress Series, all published by Wolters Kluwer, as well as ICCA’s self-published works: the ICCA Guide to the 1958 New York Convention and the ICCA Reports Series.


ICCA Executive Director and ICCA Handbook General Editor Lise Bosman expressed enthusiasm for Prof. Schill’s appointment saying, “We are very excited at the opportunity to work with someone of Stephan’s proven dynamism and academic rigour in continuing to innovate our publications in a digital age.”


Prof. Schill replaces Prof. Albert Jan van den Berg, who held the position from 1986 and was preceded only by the late Prof. Piet Sanders. Prof. van den Berg has served as ICCA Publications General Editor for more than 30 years and contributed immensely to the stature and quality of the ICCA Yearbook, Handbook and Congress Series. As the current General Editor, Prof. van den Berg played a significant role in selecting the new General Editor. Asked about the appointment of Prof. Schill, he commented, “I am very pleased that the continuity and further development of the ICCA Publications is now in the highly capable hands of Prof. Stephan Schill.  I wish him every success in the fulfillment of one of the most important missions of ICCA.


Prof. Schill is Professor of International and Economic Law and Governance at the University of Amsterdam. He is a Member of the ICSID List of Conciliators, and acts as arbitrator in investor-state arbitrations. He also advises governments, international organizations, and companies on international investment law and investor-state dispute settlement, including as expert in contentious proceedings. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of World Investment and Trade and Member on the Editorial Board of the Journal of International Arbitration. Prof. Schill has also acted as a Moderator at the ICCA Congress in Sydney and at the ICCA-ACIL Colloquium on the Impact of the ECJ’s Achmea Decision.