Launch of Young ICCA -- video coverage of YAP meeting now available

Rio 2010 saw the launch of Young ICCA -- a grouping aimed at young arbitrationers world-wide, with the ambition to draw students and young practitioners from all corners of the globe into the practice of international arbitration.  During the annual meeting of YAP (Young Arbitration Practitioners), Young ICCA office-holder Marike Paulsson explained the goals of the new organisation, emphasising the need to open the practice of arbitration to developing nations and regions. Young ICCA will hold its first annual meeting on 19 May 2011 in Geneva.

Also during the YAP meeting (jointly hosted with the CBAr) and appropriately titled "Arbitration in Changing Times", two lively panel discussions addressed issues of interest to young practitioners. "The Status and Duties of Arbitrators -- where do we stand?" was moderated by V.V. Veeder and Katherine González Arrocha and followed by a panel on "Arbitration and Sovereign Entities -- a selection of current issues", moderated by Guillermo Aguilar Alvarez and Valeria Galindez.

Complete film footage of both panel discussions can now be viewed free of charge on the Young ICCA site at