Keynote Address, ICCA Congress Rio, 26 May 2010

Is there “a current, compelling need for the development of a Code of Ethics in International Arbitration and for the adaptation of tribunals and institutions to the adoption of such a Code”? Speaking in a Keynote Address at the ICCA Congress, Doak Bishop addressed the topic of "Ethics in International Arbitration", arguing that existing codes of conduct for lawyers are simply not up to the task. Also on behalf of co-author Margrete Stevens, he presented their draft “Code of Ethics for Lawyers Practicing Before International Arbitral Tribunals” as a starting point to develop a uniform Code of Ethics that could enjoy widespread support.

 A paper by Doak Bishop and Margrete Stevens based on the Keynote Address will be published by Wolters Kluwer in ICCA Congress Series no. 15 (forthcoming).