Invitation for indications of interest to speak at Mauritius Congress

The Programme Committee for the 2016 ICCA Congress invites all ICCA Members and other parties to indicate their interest to participate as speakers at the Congress.

All indications of interest should be sent to the Chair of the Programme Committee, Andrea Menaker, at, and should indicate the speaker’s qualifications, the panel or panels for which the speaker would be interested in speaking, and a short statement as to what unique or compelling perspective the speaker would like to bring to the session.  The programme for the 2016 Congress is now available at the Congress website.

Indications of interest should be sent as early as possible, and no later than 31 July 2015.  All indications of interest will be considered by the Programme Committee, although due to the large number of indications of interest which the Programme Committee has already received and expects to receive, the Committee likely will not be able to accommodate all, or even most, requests.