ICCA Welcomes New President Prof. Lucy Reed

ICCA is pleased to announce that as of Tuesday 12 May Prof. Lucy Reed has assumed the role of ICCA President. A long-standing member of the ICCA and international arbitration communities, Prof. Reed has served a term as ICCA Vice-President and President-elect and will now follow in the footsteps of her predecessor Prof. Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler.


Currently practising as an independent arbitrator at Arbitration Chambers in New York, Prof. Reed has enjoyed a highly varied and distinguished career in the fields of international arbitration and international law, including serving as Commissioner on the Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission and Co-Director of the Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland (Holocaust Tribunal). The ICCA Bureau had the pleasure of interviewing Prof. Reed about her experiences as an arbitrator and her goals for ICCA over the coming three years. Click here to access the full interview - ‘ICCA Presents Lucy Reed’.


Speaking to her role as ICCA President, Prof. Reed said: “It is an honour, a privilege and – in this new COVID-19 world – a particular challenge to take the helm of ICCA this May.  I thank all ICCA members and staff for your past, present and future support.  I especially thank Gabrielle for her innovative and steady leadership, and look forward to sharing the stage with her when we get to Edinburgh – as we will! – in February 2021.”


The ICCA Bureau speaks for the entire ICCA community as we express our gratitude to former ICCA President Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler for the dedication and skill she has shown in advancing ICCA’s mission to promote the use and improve the processes of arbitration and dispute resolution internationally.


 “It was a privilege to serve as President of such a dynamic, engaged global organization,” says Prof. Kaufmann-Kohler. “I am grateful to all within the ICCA community for their trust and support, and in particular to my colleagues on the Executive Board and to the members of the Bureau for their hard and productive work. Welcome to Lucy, who has the vision and determination to lead ICCA in these challenging times.”


Thank you for your leadership Prof. Kaufmann-Kohler, and welcome new ICCA President Lucy Reed!