ICCA Releases Full Programme for ICCA 2024 Hong Kong

On behalf of Programme Co-Chairs Chiann Bao and Audley Sheppard KC and their Programme Committee, ICCA is delighted to present the full programme for ICCA 2024 Hong Kong. The 26th ICCA Congress takes place from 5 – 8 May 2024 in Hong Kong, where HKIAC, the Host Committee and ICCA look forward to welcoming you. With the theme of “International Arbitration: A Human Endeavour,” this Congress focuses on the individual as a participant in the international arbitration system.


The Congress includes themes such as: what it means to be a dispenser of arbitral justice; the science or art of decision making and persuasion; culture and semantics; behaviours and conduct in an adversarial environment; training and capacity building; societal interests; economics; and the impact of AI. The Congress creates an unparalleled forum for arbitration specialists from around the world to engage with one another to develop and improve dispute resolution theory and practice.


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