ICCA Judicial Committee to hold judges' workshop in Brazil

The ICCA Judicial Committee will hold a workshop on 20 March for Brazilian judges tasked with applying the New York Convention. Judges of the Superior Court of Justice in Brasilia will attend a session led by Professor Albert Jan van den Berg, which will make use of the newly-published Portuguese translation of ICCA's "Guide to the Interpretation of the 1958 New York Convention" (freely downloadable from this site). The translation is the work of five Young ICCA members: Flavia Foz Mange, Gustavo Santos Kulesza, Leandro Tripodi, Rafael Bittencourt Silva, and Rafael Vicente Soares. The workshop will be followed by a meeting of members of the CBAr (Brazilian Arbitration Committee) on 22 March.

This series of workshops is a precursor to the launch of the joint ICCA-Young ICCA New York Convention Roadshow in Mauritius on 3-4 May.