ICCA Issues Call for Speakers for 2024 Hong Kong Congress

ICCA is inviting expressions of interest by 17 July 2023 from potential speakers for the next ICCA Congress taking place in Hong Kong from 5 – 8 May 2024. 


The theme of the XXVIth ICCA Congress is "International Arbitration: A Human Endeavour"


The Programme Committee for ICCA 2024 Hong Kong, led by Chiann Bao and Audley Sheppard KC, is seeking expressions of interest from those wishing to speak on one of the following sub-themes:


  • The Human Impact and Influence on Arbitration (e.g. the impact of the advocate, arbitrator, witness, expert, mediator)
  • The Human Experience and Interaction in Arbitration (e.g. culture, semantics, heuristics, connections, civility, ethics)
  • The Human Condition (e.g. wellbeing, human fallibility)
  • Wider Community (e.g. sociology, origins and conceptions of dispute resolution, localization/ regionalism, sustainability) 
  • Costs and Economics (e.g. human and financial resourcing, market opportunities and barriers, value, pricing)
  • An AI Endeavour (e.g. developments in AI and technology affecting arbitration)


Expressions of interest should be sent as early as possible, and no later than 17 July 2023.


In particular, the Programme Committee looks forward to receiving proposals from individuals who were not speakers at either of the last two ICCA Congresses, and from individuals outside the field of arbitration who have a fresh perspective to offer on the theme under discussion at the 2024 Congress.


In line with ICCA’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Implementation Plan, the Programme Committee welcomes expressions of interest from potential speakers from underrepresented groups and will work to ensure that the Congress is inclusive, involving a diverse group of speakers.


Queries from potential speakers regarding the accessibility features of the Congress venue can be sent to the ICCA Bureau at bureau@arbitration-icca.org.


Expressions of interest should be sent to the Co-chairs of the Programme Committee via the online form (accessible here). Applicants will be required to upload a recent CV and submit a short statement on topics that might be appropriate under the listed sub-themes as well as what unique or compelling perspective they would bring to the discussions on one (or more) of these topics.


The Programme Committee will consider all expressions of interest before making its selection. If selected, speakers will be required to submit publishable papers, complying with ICCA guidelines on length and style, eight weeks before the Congress. Final papers will be published in the dedicated Hong Kong Congress volume of the ICCA Congress Series.


By submitting an expression of interest, applicants agree to the terms of ICCA’s Privacy Policy as published on the ICCA website: https://www.arbitration-icca.org/icca-privacy-policy. Any queries can be sent to bureau@arbitration-icca.org.


Registration for the Congress is now open, for more information visit the ICCA 2024 Hong Kong website: https://icca2024.hk/.


Click here to submit your expressions of interest