ICCA International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration publishes 100th supplement

For more than 30 years, the ICCA International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration has provided the arbitration community and the business world with up-to-date information on arbitration laws and practice in some 80 jurisdictions. Now six volumes thick, this stalwart publication continues to be an essential tool for arbitrators, company lawyers, businesspeople, and legal advisers.


The ICCA Handbook, published under the leadership of General Editor Lise Bosman, covers all countries with significant cross-border transactions and, consequently, significant international commercial arbitration. Each National Report is written by a leading arbitration expert based in the country concerned, and contains comprehensive information on the arbitration laws and practice of that country.


The 100th supplement features updated Country Reports for Bulgaria, Korea and Malaysia written by Assen Alexiev, Kevin Kim and Kyongwha Chung, and Tan Sri Cecil Abraham and Daniel Chua, respectively. Visit the Meet the ICCA Authors page for a sneak peek of the 100th supplement. 


Recent supplements have included updates for Australia by Michael Pryles, Vietnam by Hew R Dundas and Dzung Manh Nguyen, and Lithuania by Vilija Vaitkute Pavan and Giedre Aukstuoliene. New supplements are published five times per year and contain new National Reports along with key legislative texts in English, updates of National Reports previously published, and amended legislative texts.


Stay up to date with the latest developments in arbitral laws worldwide and add the ICCA Handbook to your resource folder.


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