ICCA celebrates with PCA

ICCA President Jan Paulsson was the keynote speaker at the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)'s 11 October seminar to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Peace Palace in The Hague -- the building built to house the PCA in 1913. Professor Paulsson opened the seminar "From Gunboat Diplomacy to Investor-State Arbitration", which was moderated by ICJ President Judge Peter Tomka, and featured contributions by Professor James Crawford SC, Judge Sir Christopher Greenwood SMG QC and Professor Brigitte Stern.

Also speaking during the Centenary Seminar, ICCA Executive Director and PCA Senior Legal Counsel Lise Bosman noted that ICCA is "proud to have taken this journey with the PCA". Recalling ICCA's roots in the early 1960s, Ms. Bosman noted that ICCA had grown from a small group of arbitration friends into a non-governmental organisation recognised by the UN, focusing in early years on hosting congresses and issuing publications, and had now developed into a large organisation with over 800 members across the globe. Projects such as the New York Convention Roadshow, Young ICCA, Taskforces on Third Party Funding and Issue Conflict and structural liaison with corporate counsel consolidate ICCA's core goals. Read the full presentation here.