Celebrating the launch of the ICCA 2022 Edinburgh Congress Book at ArbFest 2023

The XXVth ICCA Congress was held in Edinburgh in 2022, attracting approximately 80 speakers, 50 exhibitors, and over 1,300 delegates, making it the most-attended Congress in ICCA history. Over the course of three days, delegates participated in a variety of panels on the Congress theme, 'Arbitration’s Age of Enlightenment?'


This year, we had the pleasure of reuniting with our colleagues from the Scottish Arbitration Centre for the inaugural Edinburgh International Arbitration Festival. Co-hosted by ICCA Executive Director Lise Bosman, the festival was held on 21-22 September, celebrating innovations in arbitral practice, as well as good food, drink, music, dance, and literature.





This festive occasion marked the launch of our eagerly awaited Congress Book for the ICCA 2022 Edinburgh Congress. Alongside contributing authors Sir David Edward, Lucy Greenwood, Ndanga Kamau, Janey L. Milligan, and Lilit Nagapetyan, ICCA Bureau members Lise Bosman, Paula Baldini, and Adam Jankowski were joined in Edinburgh by Vincent Verschoor, Yael Hollander de Groot and Cameron Gough from the publisher of the Congress Book - Wolters Kluwer


The 2022 Congress theme encouraged both contributors and attendees to reflect on the significant strides made in the field of international arbitration while navigating a variety of challenges. The Congress Book serves as a comprehensive platform to delve into a broad range of topics pertinent to the past, present and future of international arbitration 


The book is divided into two main parts. The first section delves into the evolution of international arbitration, examining how it has adapted to meet global demands and respond to significant events. The second section offers an insightful look into the future of international arbitration, discussing the specific challenges it is likely to face in the coming years. These challenges include technological advancements, climate change, resource accessibility, energy transitions, and human rights initiatives.



You can find the table of contents on the ICCA Website, and if you're a Kluwer Arbitration subscriber, you can read the full book.


We take this opportunity to thank all contributing authors, as well as our friends and colleagues in Edinburgh, for making the launch an unforgettable occasion.