New York Convention Roadshow to be launched in Mauritius in May

ICCA and Young ICCA will launch a series of workshops for judges on the New York Convention in Mauritius on 3-4 May 2012. The workshop programme – known as the “New York Convention Roadshow” – recognizes the dependence of international arbitration practice on the critical role of national court judges in applying the New York Convention. The inaugural Roadshow in May will be hosted by the Mauritian Chief Justice and will offer two days of intensive workshops to members of the Mauritian judiciary and to fellow judges from other Southern African countries.

Workshops are being organised by Young ICCA and will be led by Albert Jan van den Berg, one of the world’s acknowledged experts on the New York Convention, with Hanotiau & van den Berg attorney, Marike Paulsson, co-author of Professor van den Berg’s long-awaited forthcoming second edition on the New York Convention. The workshop will make extensive use of ICCA’s newly published “Guide to the Interpretation of the 1958 New York Convention” (in English, soon to be available in French and Portuguese, complimentary copies of which will be provided to participating judges) and of the New York Convention website set up by Professor van van den Berg to accompany his classes at the University of Miami.

The NYC Roadshow will be preceded on 2 May by a Practitioner’s Training Day on international arbitration, featuring a Keynote Address by ICCA President Jan Paulsson, and including contributions by local lawyers and Permanent Court of Arbitration counsel.