ICCA-Tsinghua University Working Group releases Compendium of Chinese Commercial Arbitration Laws

The ICCA-Tsinghua University Working Group on Chinese Arbitration Practice held its first meeting on 2 December 2015. The Working Group hopes to build on productive meetings held between ICCA, Tsinghua University and the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce (“MOFCOM”) regarding Chinese arbitral law and practice, and on judicial colloquia held by ICCA with members of the Supreme People’s Court on the application of the New York Convention in China. Prof. Pizhao Che, Prof. Weizuo Chen, Prof. Meg Kinnear, Prof. Albert Jan van den Berg, Prof. Teresa Cheng, Mr. Ke Hu and Ms. Chunyan Fan (pictured from left to right) joined Ms. Qi Chen in Beijing. Other members of the Working Group include Ms. Lisa Bingham, Mr. Emmanuel Jacomy, Dr. Jianlong Yu and Dr. Fuyong Chen.

The Working Group will report to the Governing Board of ICCA and to the Dean of Tsinghua University School of Law on an annual basis.