ICCA-ASIL Task Force on Damages

In December 2016, ICCA and ASIL joined forces to establish the ICCA-ASIL Task Force on Damages to address an issue of particular importance in the field of international arbitration: quantification of damages. The Task Force brought together a panel of leading legal and economics experts from jurisdictions across the globe to think creatively about how to promote consistency and rigor in the field’s approach to damages. In November 2021, the Task Force released DIA (Damages in International Arbitration), which provides the arbitration community with practical guidance on this topic.

DIA (Damages in International Arbitration)

DIA (Damages in International Arbitration)DIA is an interactive web application that provides practical guidance on the key legal, quantitative, and procedural issues implicated by quantifying damages in international arbitration.


Go to DIA (Damages in International Arbitration)


A link to the web app can also be downloaded to appear on the home screen of your smart phone by visiting the app on your phone and using the share button to ‘add to home screen’.



DIA (Damages in Arbitration) App Introductory Video

Watch the introductory video to the DIA (Damages in Arbitration) app here.


DIA Intro Video



Co-chairs of the Damages Task Force

Damages in International Arbitration Co-chairs


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