DIA (Damages in International Arbitration) App Launch for the Middle East and Asia

As part of ICCA’s 60th Anniversary celebrations, the ICCA-ASIL Task Force on Damages hosted this webinar to soft launch DIA (Damages in International Arbitration) for Asian and Middle Eastern time zones. DIA is a web application that is designed to assist arbitrators and practitioners in developing a consistent and rigorous approach to damages in international arbitration. 

The event was introduced by ICCA Deputy Executive Director Lisa Bingham and the following members of the ICCA-ASIL Task Force on Damages took part:


  • Catherine Amirfar (Co-chair)
  • Gabrielle Nater-Bass (Co-chair)
  • Sarah Grimmer
  • Swee Yen Koh
  • Aasiya Glover (Rapporteur)
  • Justin Rassi (Rapporteur)