ICCA and Wolters Kluwer renew longstanding contract on ICCA Publications

Today, ICCA and Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S., International Group announced the renewal of their contract for the exclusive publication of the Yearbook Commercial Arbitration, International Handbook on Commercial Arbitration, and ICCA Congress Series.
The ICCA Yearbook, ICCA Handbook and ICCA Congress Series are household names in the arbitration community and form one of the pillars of Wolters Kluwer’s arbitration portfolio. They epitomize a shared ongoing commitment to providing arbitration practitioners and researchers with up-to-date, cutting edge and trustworthy resources. All of ICCA’s publications are also available online as part of the online database Kluwer Arbitration (KluwerArbitration.com).
ICCA is proud to continue this fruitful relationship with one of the leading arbitration resources available. ICCA President Donald Donovan noted that “ICCA is delighted to continue its longstanding collaboration with Kluwer to publish the ICCA publications. Through our reporting on national court decisions on key arbitration conventions, summaries of confidential arbitral awards, country overviews and academic treatises, we seek to promote the use of international dispute resolution and contribute to critical debate in our field. We look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration with Kluwer over the next six years.”
For more information on Kluwer, visit KluwerArbitration.com. For more information on ICCA publications, visit www.arbitration-icca.org/publications.
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