ICCA 2024 Hong Kong Draft Congress Papers Now Available

We are pleased to provide all Congress delegates with access to draft papers that will be presented at the 2024 ICCA Congress in Hong Kong from 5 – 8 May. The 26th ICCA Congress is dedicated to the theme “International Arbitration: A Human Endeavour” with speakers covering a range of topics focusing on the individual as a participant in the international arbitration system.


The papers posted online are working drafts made available to Congress delegates prior to attending the ICCA Congress. These versions should not be shared, quoted or cited. They will be removed from the ICCA website after the Congress and final versions will be published in the ICCA Congress Series No. 22. The next instalment of the ICCA Congress series will be distributed to Congress delegates after the Congress by Kluwer Law International and made available on www.KluwerArbitration.com


The draft Congress papers are available here.


Please note: access is only available to Congress attendees. Registered delegates received the password via email on 26 April. If you are registered to attend the Congress but cannot locate the password, please contact us at bureau@arbitration-icca.org.


To register for ICCA 2024 Hong Kong, click here