Eric Bergsten honoured during ICCA Congress

The Opening Plenary of the ICCA Congress saw not only a large-scale gathering of empirical data by Professors Susan Franke and Anne van Aaken, but also the formal presentation of the first ICCA Award for Lifetime Contribution to the Field of International Arbitration to Professor Eric Bergsten. The Award was first announced in early 2013, and he was honoured by ICCA during the 2013 Vis Moot in Vienna.

At the April 2014 Congress, Prof. Jan Paulsson paid tribute to Prof. Bergsten's game-changing role in establishing and running the Vis Moot for over 20 years. Prof. Bergsten accepted the award in an emotional speech, noting that he hoped his work had indeed made a difference. A short video recording impresssions from the Vis Moot and Prof. Bergsten's reflections on the Moot concluded the ceremonies. The video can be viewed in the ICCA Audiovisual Library.