Albert Jan van den Berg elected next President of ICCA

ICCA is pleased to announce that Professor Dr. Albert Jan van den Berg has been elected the next President of ICCA. He will take office at the ICCA Congress in Miami, 6-9 April 2014.

Professor van den Berg was a member of the ICCA Council from 1989 and is currently a member of ICCA's Governing Board. He has served as a member of ICCA's Foundation Board since 1997, as General Editor of the ICCA Yearbook Commercial Arbitration since 1986 and as General Editor of the ICCA Congress Series since 1993. He has also served as Chair of ICCA's Statement of Purposes and Procedures Committee in 2012-2013, together with Meg Kinnear and Guillermo Aguilar Alvarez. This Committee is the body tasked with rewriting ICCA's Constitution to accommodate its new membership structure and activities, in a process initiated by Professor Jan Paulsson, who has served as ICCA President since June 2010.

In reaction to his election, Professor van den Berg said "I am very honoured by the confidence that the ICCA Governing Board members have put in me.  I intend to continue the leadership that ICCA has taken in recent years in the direction of more transparency of its organisation.  It is exciting to be able to work together with the more than 800 ICCA members in transitioning and implementing the new Constitution and Bylaws."

Outgoing ICCA President Jan Paulsson said that "Over many years, no one has surpassed Albert Jan van den Berg in terms of his concrete and enduring contributions to ICCA, notably but not exclusively as General Editor of the indispensable Yearbook Commercial Arbitration. His election will  surprise no one. All supporters of ICCA look forward to the  infusion of energy and institutional  ambition we know we can expect from him".

All members of ICCA's Governing Board are eligible to stand for office and to vote for office-holders. Professor van den Berg will take office at the ICCA Congress in Miami, 6-9 April 2014. The Programme on the basis of which he was elected can be consulted on the ICCA website.