“A truly remarkable man” – Former ICCA President Albert Jan van den Berg presents Karl Heinz Böckstiegel with the GAR Lifetime Achievement Award

On 4 April 2019, former ICCA President Prof. Albert Jan van den Berg presented ICCA Advisory Board member Prof. Karl Heinz Böckstiegel with the GAR Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual GAR Awards in Paris. As a close friend to Prof. Böckstiegel, Prof. van den Berg proved to be an entertaining and insightful presenter of the award. The audience was treated to an array of anecdotes ranging from Prof. Böckstiegel’s childhood to his first ICCA Congress in Moscow in 1972 to his impressive contribution to the field of international law. 


“He is an ethical arbitrator at the highest level. His moral compass is an example for everyone,” said Prof. van den Berg. “His ethical integrity was also recognized by his peers in ICCA: they appointed him to the most difficult committee in ICCA’s history: theTransition Committee,” Prof. van den Berg continued, adding that the transition process was only recently fully completed and that it has been deemed a success.


You can read Prof. van den Berg’s full remarks here or watch his presentation on GAR’s website here.


ICCA is proud to count both Prof. Böckstiegel and Prof. van den Berg as members of its Advisory Board and as longstanding contributors to ICCA’s publications and Congresses.