Search for Female Arbitrators

In cooperation with the Equal Representation in Arbitration Pledge, ICCA hosts a female arbitrator search function for those who require assistance in their search for female arbitrators. Requests submitted through this form are responded to by the ERA Search Committee and not by ICCA.


Scroll down for the Female Arbitrator Search form.


ERA Pledge and Search Committee

The Pledge calls for the appointment of female arbitrators on an equal opportunity basis. One of the key steps to achieving this is to ensure that wherever possible “lists of potential arbitrators or tribunal chairs provided to or considered by the parties, counsel, in-house counsel or otherwise include a fair representation of female candidates”.


If you require additional assistance in your search for female arbitrators, the ERA Search Committee is pleased to offer assistance via the form below. The information that you include in the search criteria below will be sent on a confidential basis to the ERA Search Committee (which is a sub-group of the ERA Steering Committee), whose members comprise individuals from dispute resolution organizations who render their assistance on a voluntary basis. The ERA Search Committee does not include individuals from law firms. ICCA does not make or endorse recommendations


Please provide the information requested in the form below together with any additional information you deem necessary to enable the ERA Search Committee to propose potential female arbitrators. The suggested female arbitrators will not be contacted and they will not be aware that their names were proposed. You will be provided with their contact details and hyperlinks to their profiles. The ERA Search Committee aims to provide proposals of female arbitrator candidates who are less well known, but who deserve because of their relevant experience and profile, to be considered for your case. No member of the ERA Search Committee will be proposed as a potential arbitral candidate.



The assistance provided to any person searching for female arbitrators is made without any commitment or liability whatsoever for ERA, its Steering Committee Members, its Search Committee Members or ICCA. It is made to facilitate your search for potential female arbitrators. The proposals are made only to provide ideas of potential profiles and by no means constitute official recommendations.

Arbitrator Databases

The ERA Pledge does not maintain its own list of female arbitrators. Female arbitrator profiles can be found via external arbitrator databases, including (but not limited to) the following: