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Chair of the Drafting Sourcebook Committee

Kevin (Kap-You) Kim, ICCA Governing Board member, assisted by Lisa Bingham, Project Coordinator for the ICCA Bureau 

Drafting Committee Members

  • Catherine M. Amirfar
  • John Bang
  • Lisa Bingham
  • Philippe Cavalieros
  • Utku Cosar
  • Stephen Drymer
  • Noiana Marigo
  • Jim Morrison
  • Dirk Pulkowski
  • Jan K. Schäfer
  • Ben Sheppard

ICCA Drafting Sourcebook for Logistical Matters in Procedural Orders

This project aims to establish sensible default rules and procedural precedents for many of the common logistical aspects of arbitral proceedings – aiming to level the playing field between experienced and first-time arbitration counsel.

Latest News and Updates

Les Rapports De L'ICCA N° 2: Guide De Rédaction De L'ICCA Sur Les Aspects Logistiques Dans Les Ordonnances De Procédure 

Le Guide de rédaction de l'ICCA sur les aspects logistiques dans les ordonnances de procédure est un recueil de clauses-types que nous vous invitons à examiner, copier, ou adapter pour les besoins de vos procédures d'arbitrage.  Avec le Guide de rédaction de l'ICCA, préparé par un Comité de rédaction composé de membres de l'ICCA, nous avons cherché à rendre le langage des ordonnances de procédure accessible à un plus large public.  Le Guide de rédaction de l'ICCA couvre uniquement des aspects logistiques qui sont rarement abordés par les règlements d'arbitrage ou les lois nationales.  Il ne s'agit pas d'un guide des meilleures pratiques, et nous espérons que vous y trouverez un point de départ utile pour votre propre rédaction.

Cliquez ici pour télécharger une copie (en français).

English - available for free download

The ICCA Drafting Sourcebook for Logistical Matters in Procedural ORders was launched in May 2015 at the HK Summit. The Drafting Committee thanks all members of the Volunteer Taskforce who took the time to review the first draft and provide their insightful comments.

The Sourcebook contains boilerplate text on logistical issues that can be copied and pasted into procedural orders, and is accompanied by a Checklist for the first procedural order and an appendix of useful resources for organising international arbitrations.

Click here to view an electronic copy of the Sourcebook (in English). 

April 2014, Miami: Meeting Report

by Lisa Bingham

The Drafting Committee for the ICCA Drafting Sourcebook for Organising International Arbitrations hosted a lunchtime session during the Miami Congress. The Chair of the Drafting Committee, ICCA Governing Board Member Kevin Kim, and ICCA’s Project Coordinator, Lisa Bingham, made a short presentation to the audience of ICCA members and other interested delegates about the Committee’s work in developing useful boilerplate drafting for logistical issues.

The lunch was a working session, so a Drafting Committee member at each table then set to quizzing his or her tablemates about: logistical problems they had encountered in international or domestic arbitrations; their reactions to the first draft of the Drafting Sourcebook (available on the ICCA website –; and their ideas about how the Drafting Sourcebook and accompanying Checklist could be improved.

The Committee has been delighted by the interest shown by the Miami lunchtime group: many ICCA members have now joined the Volunteer Task Force for the project, and several of these members were kind enough to send written comments on the draft materials. The Drafting Committee is now revising the draft Sourcebook and Checklist, with a plan to publish in hard copy and online in 2015.

October 2013, Boston: Meeting Report

On 10 October 2013, the Drafting Committee for the ICCA Protocols for Fair and Efficient Arbitration met in Boston (and by telephone conference) to exchange and discuss the initial drafts prepared by the Committee.

The Drafting Committee’s work is progressing well, and we look forward to discussing the project with the wider ICCA membership as part of the ICCA Congress in Miami next year.

The goal of the ICCA Protocols project is to promote efficiency by establishing sensible default rules for many of the common logistical aspects of arbitration proceedings (from paragraph and exhibit numbering, to responsibility for engaging third party service providers and the technical requirements for electronic documents and videoconferencing). When the Protocols are published, counsel and arbitrators will be free to copy and amend them for use in procedural orders.

In July 2013, ICCA Secretary General Kap-You (Kevin) Kim contacted all ICCA Governing Board members, encouraging them to share their template first procedural orders and any other useful materials. The Drafting Committee has been delighted with the response to date, and wishes to make particular mention of the contributions received from Guillermo Aguilar-Alvarez, Michael Hwang SC and David Williams QC.

ICCA is very pleased that many members have volunteered to participate in a Taskforce to review and comment on the work of the Drafting Committee when it is produced. Members wishing to become involved are invited to contact ICCA at

Cooperation with UNCITRAL

The Drafting Committee has been asked by UNCITRAL to contribute to the revision process for UNCITRAL's 1996 Notes for Organizing Arbitral Proceedings, currently on the agenda of Working Group II for revision.