New York Convention Roadshow in Victoria, Seychelles

10 August 2013

Report written by Fedelma Claire Smith


ICCA Governing Board Member and Judge of the French Cour de cassation Judge Dominique Hascher travelled to Seychelles on 9-12 August 2013 for a judges’ workshop on the New York Convention. Together with the Permanent Court of Arbitration Legal Counsel and Representative in Mauritius, Ms. Fedelma C. Smith, Judge Hascher delivered a full-day workshop to an audience of 60 participants that included Judges from the Supreme Court of Seychelles as well as retired Judges, Magistrates, members of the Bar of Seychelles, lawyers from the office of the Attorney-General, members of the Fair Trading Commission of Seychelles, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, and delegates of local businesses. The presenters referred extensively to ICCA’s Judges' Guide in English and French. Following the workshop, the Chief Justice of Seychelles, the Hon. Frederick Egonda-Ntende, hosted a dinner for the visiting speakers and representatives of the Bar Association. The workshop was hosted by the Supreme Court of Seychelles and was organized in close cooperation with the PCA Office in Mauritius, which was established pursuant to the PCA-Mauritius Host Country Agreement signed in 2009.