New York Convention Roadshow in São Paulo, Brazil

26 October 2017

In October 2017, the University of São Paulo (USP) hosted a judicial dialogue in São Paulo featuring Brazilian justices Loureiro and Sacramone, both well versed in international arbitration and the New York Convention, in an open dialogue with a diverse audience of academics, students and lawyers. The dialogue was live-streamed on television and will be preserved in podcast form in order to continue to inspire the judiciary in Latin America. 


The event marked the first time that ICCA organized a judicial dialogue in conjunction with a conference of the Global Legal Institute for Peace (GLIP), and participants included Mexican Ambassador to Brazil Beatriz Paredes, former Bolivian president Carlos de Mesa and the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA). Comments from President of USP Professor Dr. Marco Antonio Zago emphasized that USP works welcomes efforts that go beyond its own walls. Professor Claudio Finkelstein of USP confirmed that: “The São Paulo ICCA Judicial Dialogue turned out to be an excellent opportunity for students and practitioners to learn about legal issues related to the enforcement of foreign Arbitral Decisions within Brazilian territory, with practical and theoretical insights, from both judges and professors.” Speakers at the event included Luke Sobota of Three Crowns and the University of Miami, Mexican practitioner and academic Francisco Gonzalez de Cossio, ICCA Governing Board Member Adriana Braghetta of L.O. Baptista, and Brazilian justices Loureiro and Sacramone. The interactive discussion addressed questions around public policy, the pressure of a court docket, annulment issues and suggestions on how the NYC can continue to thrive as a legal framework.


The final part of the dialogue, presented by co-organizer Marike Paulsson and PCA legal counsel Túlio Di Giacomo Toledo, commemorated the longstanding and fruitful relationship between ICCA and the PCA and their joint efforts in promoting ICCA’s NYC Guide, which is now available in 20 languages. The Brazilian version of the Guide was presented by Di Giacomo Toledo and Paulsson to Justice Sacramone at the closing of the event.