New York Convention Roadshow in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

15 June 2023

On 15 June 2023, the Judiciary Academy of Santo Domingo hosted a seminar attended by thirty-three judges and judicial clerks, as part of ICCA’s New York Convention (NYC) Roadshow programme.


Attendees from the civil courts of first instance in charge of enforcing foreign arbitral awards, courts of appeal and the Supreme Court heard Justice Samuel Arias of the Supreme Court give opening remarks. Justice Arias expressed full support for the pro-enforcement bias in the application of the NYC and emphasized the importance of the NYC for international trade and the Dominican Republic’s reputation as an open economy. Remarks by Andrés Jana, ICCA Governing Board Member and Judiciary Committee Chair, and Dyalá Jiménez, ICCA Governing Board and Judiciary Committee Member, followed. Closing remarks were delivered by Andrés Jana and local practitioner Prof. Stephan Adell.


Attendees at the New York Convention Roadshow in Santo Domingo