New York Convention Roadshow in New Delhi, India

23 November 2013

ICCA’s New York Convention Roadshow reached India on 23 November 2013, in an event co-hosted by LCIA-India. Speakers included ICCA Governing Board past and present members Mr. Fali Nariman, Professor Jan Paulsson, Mr. Dushyant Dave and Judge Dominique Hascher, as well as the Honourable Mr. Justice Sathasivam (Chief Justice of India, who gave the inaugural address), Mr. Justice SS Nijjar, Ms. Zia Mody, Mr. Justice TS Thakur, Professor Marike Paulsson and Mr. Justice Ranjan Gogoi. Sessions were attended by over 60 sitting and retired judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, as well as several practitioners and academics. 


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