New York Convention Roadshow in Manama, Bahrain

3 - 5 May 2014

The May 2014 ICCA New York Convention (NYC) Roadshow for the Middle East, hosted in the Kingdom of Bahrain, marks the start of a series of spin-of dialogues in the region and the publication of ICCA’s first regional guide on the NYC.


The ICCA Judicial Dialogue on the 1958 New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, held in Manama, Bahrain from 3 to 5 May 2014, was attended by members of the Supreme Courts, Courts of Appeal and Cassation Courts from the region, representing in total thirteen Arab countries and comprising 51 judges.


The ICCA Dialogue -- dubbed the “MEJD” -- was held under the patronage of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Supreme Judicial Council, with the support of the Arab League.  The organization of the MEJD was led by Marike Paulsson (member of ICCA’s Judicial Committee and Director of the International Arbitration Institute in Miami) and Nassib Ziade (ICCA member, visiting professor in Miami and CEO of the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution), with the invaluable support of the BCDR. 


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