Members-Only Preview: German and Hungarian Translations of ICCA's Guide to the 1958 New York Convention are now available

ICCA is pleased to release two new translations of ICCA's Guide to the 1958 New York Convention – in German and Hungarian – which join 23 other language versions of the Guide. The German and Hungarian translations were produced for ICCA by Niuscha Bassiri and Christoph Liebscher, and Richard Schmidt, Dániel Dózsa and Vanda Harangozó respectively, and are available exclusively to ICCA Members for a one-month preview. On 3 March the content will be made available for all on the ICCA website.


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ICCA's Guide to the 1958 New York Convention is a clear, concise yet inclusive handbook, written in plain language, on the essential aspects of the scope, interpretation and application of the Convention. Though principally aimed at judges determining applications under the Convention, the Guide, will also be of interest to students, teachers and practitioners as an introduction to the Convention.


The Guide is now published in 25 languages spanning 5 continents, available both on our website and on


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