ICCA Working Group on African Arbitral Practice

ICCA's Working Group on African Arbitral Practice was established at the ICCA Mauritius Congress in May 2016, with the goal of promoting the use and development of international arbitration in Africa. An important initial part of the work of the African Working Group was working towards the establishment of a new African Arbitration Association, which was launched in June 2018.


The Working Group supported publication of the Second Edition of “Arbitration in Africa: a Practitioner’s Guide” in September 2021, celebrating its launch at the postponed ICCA Congress in Edinburgh in September 2022. The text covers 49 jurisdictions, 5 regional overviews, a section on ISDS, and compendia of legislation, treaty accession and arbitral institutes. It is available on KluwerArbitration.com.


African Arbitration Association


Visit the African Arbitration Association website.

Members of the African Arbitral Practice Working Group

African working group



The Working Group held a series of consultative workshops which ultimately led to the establishment of the African Arbitration Association (AfAA). 


See below for reports and photos of these workshops.

Workshop Reports

Photos from all four Consultative Workshops and other key events