Setting the Scene: What Are the Myths? What Are the Realities? What Are the Challenges? Arbitration and Decision-Making: Live Empirical Study

Plenary Session

Monday's Plenary provides an overview of the entire Congress with each session chair giving a brief “preview” of their session. Please see below for a timeline of the session previews.


Introduction to Precision Streams A1, A2, A3 and A4


00:14:10  -  David Brynmor-Thomas (London) - Precision Stream A1 Preview - Proof: A Plea for Precision

00:20:03  -  John Barkett (Miami) -  Precision Stream A2 Preview - Early Stages of the Arbitral Process: Interim Measures and Document Production

00:24:50  -  Nathalie Voser (Zurich) -  Precision Stream A3 Preview - Matters of Evidence: Witness and Experts

00:29:34  -  Klaus Reichert SC (London) -  Precision Stream A4 Preview - Treaty Arbitration: Pleading and Proof of Fraud and Comparable Forms of Abuse


Introduction to Justice Streams B1, B2, B3 and B4


01:30:33  -  Adriana Braghetta (Sao Paulo) - Justice Stream B1 Preview - Who Are the Arbitrators?

01:33:40  -  Salim Moollan (London) - Justice Stream B2 Preview - Premise: Arbitral Institutions Can Do More To Further Legitimacy. True or False?

01:39:05  -  Anna Joubin-Bret (Paris) - Justice Stream B3 Preview - Treaty Arbitration: Is the Playing Field Level and Who Decides Whether It Is Anyway?

01:39:05  -  Dushyant Dave (New Delhi) - Justice Stream B4 Preview - Universal Arbitration: An Aspiration Within Reach or a Sisyphean Goal?