ICCA Members publish new texts on arbitration

New books on arbitration by ICCA Members include texts by David Williams QC and by Kap-You (Kevin) Kim (ICCA’s current Secretary-General).

David Williams’s text, co-authored with Amokura Kawharu and entitled “Williams & Kawharu on Arbitration” is an analysis of the law and practice of domestic and international arbitration in New Zealand. It includes a foreword by Gary Born and is available from LexisNexis.

Kevin Kim (with colleague John Bang) is one of two general editors of a text on the law and practice of arbitration on South Korea, authored by sixteen practitioners at their Seoul-based law firm Bae, Kim and Lee, LLC. The text is entitled “Arbitration Law of Korea – practice and procedure” and provides an overview of the current status of both arbitration and civil litigation in Korea, as well as chapters on topics such as the arbitration agreement, arbitrators and arbitral procedure, arbitral awards and the role of the courts. The text is available from Juris Publishing.