The ICCA - IBA Arbitration Committee Conference Diversity Checklist

ICCA and the IBA Arbitration Committee are pleased to share with you the Conference Diversity Checklist, which we have jointly developed in order to encourage and foster Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) of speakers and delegates when international arbitration conferences are organized globally.  Representation at arbitration conferences matters, and our hope is that this Checklist will become a necessary reference tool to institutions, organizations and individuals around the world as international arbitration conferences take shape and develop.  We welcome your feedback, including any edits or amendments to the Checklist.
ICCA is grateful for the work of several of its Governing Board members in developing this Conference Diversity Checklist, in particular Congress Committee Chair Loretta Malintoppi and members Eduardo Damião Gonçalves and Fernando Mantilla Serrano,  and Diversity and Inclusiveness Committee Chair Sylvia Noury KC and member James Hosking.
We hope that this Checklist prompts useful reflection, and we look forward to witnessing its contribution to more diverse and inclusive conferences around the world.


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