Legitimacy: Examined against Empirical Data

Wednesday Plenary

As promised, the preliminary findings from the opening plenary empirical study will be presented by Professors Franck and van Aaken. A distinguished panel will join to discuss the findings, particularly as they cast light – or not – on the precision and justice legitimacy topics driving the Congress.


Where We Have Been, Where We Should Go


Consistent with ICCA’s mission to facilitate constructive debate about the theory and practice of international arbitration, the Panel Chairs will re-introduce their propositions and sort them as myth, reality or somethingin- between. They will then lead the Congress in cataloguing challenges to arbitral legitimacy and concrete measures to address those challenges. The goal is to compile a list of best (or at least better) practices that promote just and precise and inclusive international arbitration. – to be the subject of the next “report card” at the 2016 ICCA Congress in Mauritius.

Chief Justice Menon of Singapore will give a short “report card” on progress on the challenges he posed in his “Golden Age” keynote at the 2012 ICCA Congress in Singapore. 

Part 1:

Chair: Jan Paulsson (Miami)



  • Donald Francis Donovan (New York)
  • Makhdoom Ali Khan (Karachi)
  • Wolfgang Peter (Geneva)
  • Prof. Catherine A. Rogers (Carlisle, PA)



  • James Freda (New York)
  • Tobias Lehmann (St. Gallen)


Part 2:

Albert Jan van den Berg (Brussels)

Panel chair speaker: Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon (Singapore)