Early Stages of the Arbitral Process: Interim Measures and Document Production

Precision Stream A2

Do tribunals rigorously apply the “recipe” of elements necessary for granting interim measures? And does proving those elements depend more on the views of the tribunal or a consistent set of rules? What about the inexact science of document production? Are there consistent standards applicable to preservation and production of documents? How can a requesting party know whether all relevant sources of documents are in fact searched? All relevant documents produced? This session will explore the variability in the early stages of an arbitration and ask whether arbitrator discretion is preferable to consistent treatment.

Chair: John Barkett (Miami)



  • Stephen L. Drymer (Montreal)
  • Francisco González de Cossío (Mexico City)
  • Hilary Heilbron QC (London)
  • Robert Sills (New York)
  • Murray Smith (Vancouver)
  • Nicolas Swerdloff (Miami)


Rapporteur: Natalie Reid* (New York)