Co-chairs of the Third-Party Funding Task Force

Professor Catherine Rogers and Professor William W. Park



Professor Stavros Brekoulakis

A joint project with

Task Force Members

    • Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab
    • Mr. Guillermo Aguilar-Alvarez
    • Mr. R. Doak Bishop
    • Ms. Lise Bosman
    • Dr. Stavros Brekoulakis
    • The Honorable Charles Brower
    • Mr. Brett Carron
    • Mr. Teresa Cheng
    • Mr. Alan Crain
    • Mr. Babatunde Fagbohunlu
    • Mr. Richard Fields
    • Mr. Jonas von Goeler
    • Mr. Alain Grec
    • Ms. Anna Joubin-Bret
    • Dr. Sabine Konrad
    • Ms. Susanna Khouri
    • Mr. Kap-You (Kevin) Kim
    • Ms. Meg Kinnear
    • Professor Julian Lew
    • Professor Horacio Naón
    • Mr. Fidelis Oditah
    • Professor William Park
    • Dr. Nikolaus Pitkowitz
    • Mr. Michael Pryles
    • Mr. Walter Remmerswaal
    • Professor Sir Bernard Rix
    • Mr. John D. Roesser
    • Professor Catherine Rogers
    • Mr. José Rosell
    • Ms. Ank Santens
    • Dr. Anke Sessler
    • Professor Victoria Shannon
    • Mr. Audley Sheppard
    • Mr. Laurence (Larry) Shore
    • Mr. Mick Smith
    • Dr. Willem H. van Boom
    • Mr. V.V. Veeder
    • Mr. Gaëtan Verhoosel
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    Third-Party Funding

    The Third-Party Funding Taskforce will systematically study and make recommendations regarding the procedures, ethics, and related policy issues relating to third-party funding in international arbitration. The Task Force is comprised of representatives drawn from among all relevant stakeholders and interested members of ICCA. Its work will be presented in a series of White Papers and a number of public colloquia to be hosted at Queen Mary’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies, London.


    Latest News and Updates

    The Third-Party Funding Task Force met at Queen Mary,  University of London, in February 2014 and again in Miami in April 2014. 

    April 2014, Miami: Meeting Report

    by Stavros Brekoulakis, Task Force Rapporteur

    The ICCA-Queen Mary Task Force on Third-Party Funding in International Arbitration convened its second meeting on 6 April 2014 in Miami. At the meeting, the Task Force identified a number of action items concerning important TPF issues. Among the topics designated for action by the Task Force are development of disclosure standards for TPF, and a special initiative to explore the impact of TPF in investment arbitration. The Task Force is also working to develop guidelines on security for costs and costs allocations in arbitration involving TPF arrangements, as well as producing best practices guidelines for funders. These and other topics were presented to and discussed with interested ICCA members at a luncheon on 8 April 2014.





    Relevant Documents

    Discussion papers will be published as they become available.