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ICCA is a worldwide non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting and developing arbitration, conciliation and other forms of international dispute resolution.

Please consult our Constitution and Bylaws, which came into effect on 1 January 2014.

ICCA Mauritius Congress Highlight: 
Lord Leonard Hoffmann
 closing address 

ICCA Mauritius Congress Highlight: Keynote address by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr Mohamed ElBaradei

ICCA Mauritius Congress Highlight:
Judge Abdulqawi Yusuf addresses delegates

ICCA Mauritius Congress Highlight: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addresses delegates

To view the full speech, click here.

Latest News

Applications for ICCA internship September 2016 now open

Jun 14 2016
Applications are now open for a three-month internship hosted by PCA-ICCA at the Peace Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands, commencing in September 2016.

Cairo NYC Roadshow attracts 56 senior Egyptian judges

Jun 06 2016
ICCA and the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Centre (CRCICA) hosted the first New York Convention Roadshow in Cairo, Egypt, on 21 May 2016. Arranged in cooperation with the National Centre for Judicial Studies, and at the initiative of CRCICA Director Mohamed Abdel Raouf, the event attracted some 56 senior Egyptian judges to the CRCICA Conference Centre. Interactive sessions focused on topical issues around application of the New York Convention. For a full report and photos, click here.

ICCA Governing Board selects Edinburgh as 2020 Congress Host

May 23 2016
ICCA is pleased to announce that Edinburgh has been chosen to host the ICCA Congress in 2020.

ICCA 2016 in Mauritius: A phenomenal success

May 23 2016
ICCA would like to thank the 882 people who attended the 2016 ICCA Congress in Mauritius. You made the first ICCA Congress to be held in Africa a phenomenal success.

Sergei Lebedev 1934-2016

Apr 14 2016
Professor Sergei N. Lebedev, a longstanding ICCA Council Member and Vice-President of ICCA, died in Moscow on 11 April 2016 at the age of 81. ICCA Advisory Board Member and fellow former ICCA Council Member Ulf Franke (former Secretary General of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce) has provided these words.

The Annual ICCA President’s Report now available

Apr 04 2016
Find out what ICCA's been up to over the last year.

ICCA welcomes President Donald Donovan

Apr 04 2016
Today, ICCA welcomes Donald Francis Donovan as he takes office as ICCA President, succeeding Albert Jan van den Berg.

ICCA and Young ICCA membership growth exceeds expectations

Feb 15 2016
We are delighted to announce that the ICCA community now includes over 1,000 members.

ICCA hosts pre-Congress seminar in Mauritius

Jan 29 2016
20 January Mauritian pre-Congress seminar in Port Louis attended by 120 Mauritian lawyers.

ICCA Congress 2016 Programme Unveiled

Dec 08 2015
The full programme for the ICCA 2016 Congress in Mauritius has been unveiled

Recent Articles

Neil Kaplan (with Olga Boltenko), "A Secret Tool for Winning an Arbitration Case" in Asian Dispute Review (July 2015) pp. 116-121 by Mr. Neil Kaplan, CBE, QC (Gloucestershire, United Kingdom)
This article describes a known but yet remarkably neglected tool to prepare for and defend an arbitration case successfully: a mock arbitration, also known as an ‘in-house mini trial’. Mock arbitration is arguably rooted in a US litigation tradition of mock jury trials. This tradition is now being applied to arbitration practice by the most sophisticated counsel in the field. The pros and cons of this tool are explored and the authors offer a comprehensive guide to the use of mock arbitration in practice.
Nael Bunni, "Dispute Board in the Middle East" (DRBF Conference, Paris, 3-4 May 2013) by Mr. Nael Bunni
From their beginning, the pioneering Conditions of Contract issued by FIDIC in 1957 andlater editions up to 1992 provided an important source for contract conditions for civil and mechanical engineering projects in the Middle East. ...
Neil Kaplan, "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Change It", 80 Arbitration 2 (2014) Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. pp 172-175 by Mr. Neil Kaplan, CBE, QC (Gloucestershire, United Kingdom)
Newest is not always best. This article raises the issue as to whether in international arbitration we have gone too far in relying upon written submissions and the belief that all has been read and understood by the tribunal. A compromise between the two extremes is investigated.
Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel, "Practicial Issues and Perspectives of Investment Arbitration Involving Russian and CIS Parties" (Conference of International Dispute Resolution Involving Russian and CIS Companies, London, February 2014) by Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel (Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany)
The organizers of this conference have asked me to provide some short comments on practical issues and future perspectives of investment arbitration from my experience as an arbitrator in such disputes. In the many investment arbitrations I have done in recent years, a considerable number involved parties from Russia and CIS countries, both involving the State or government or private companies in these countries.
Albert Jan van den Berg, "Should the Setting Aside of the Arbitral Award be Abolished?" ICSID Review 2014 by Prof. Dr. Albert Jan van den Berg (Brussels, Belgium)
The text of the 2nd Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel Lecture of 13 September 2013 as adapted for publication examines the question on whether the setting aside of the arbitral award should be abolished.


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