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Latest News

Newly-elected ICCA President Albert Jan van den Berg presents his vision for ICCA

Apr 23 2014

During the Closing Session of ICCA's Congress in Miami, ICCA President Professor Albert Jan van den Berg reflected on ICCA's past and presented his vision for its future. You may click on the following links to read the full text of his speech a .... more

ICCA Reports No. 1: Young ICCA Guide on Arbitral Secretaries released for comment

Apr 15 2014

ICCA is pleased to announce the launch of a new Series -- the ICCA Reports -- which will publish occasional papers prepared by ICCA interest groups and project groups, in the hope that they will stimulate discussion and debate in our field.

The first in this Series -- th .... more

Eric Bergsten honoured during ICCA Congress

Apr 14 2014

The Opening Plenary of the ICCA Congress saw not only a large-scale gathering of empirical data by Professors Susan Franke and Anne van Aaken, but also the formal presentation of the first ICCA Award for Lifetime Contribution to the Field of International Arbitration to Profes .... more



Recent Articles

Albert Jan van den Berg, "Should the Setting Aside of the Arbitral Award be Abolished?" ICSID Review 2014 by Officers and Members
The text of the 2nd Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel Lecture of 13 September 2013 as adapted for publication examines the question on whether the setting aside of the arbitral award should be abolished.
Neil Kaplan, "Investment Arbitration's Influence on Practice and Procedure in Commercial Arbitration" Asian Dispute Review (October 2013) pp 122-125 by Mr. Neil Kaplan, CBE, QC, SBS (Hong Kong/United Kingdom)
This article discusses, by reference to examples, the growing influence of investor-State arbitration on international commercial arbitration. It is a modified version of an address given by the author at an evening event organised by HK45 at the HKIAC on 3 July 2013.
Bernard Hanotiau, "The Issue of Non-Signatory States" 23 The American Review of International Arbitration (2012 Nos. 3-4) by Prof. Dr. Bernard Hanotiau (Brussels, Belgium)
This article analyses the arbitral case law dealing with the issue of whether and in what circumstances a non-signatory state may be considered a party to an arbitration agreement entered into by a state company or a state entity.

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