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Mr Alex Baykitch AM
Ms Emma Bowyer
Mr David Fairlie
Prof Doug Jones AO RFD
Mr Andrea Martignoni
Mr Khory McCormick
Mr Tony Samuel
Ms Julie Soars
Ms Deborah Tomkinson
Prof Janet Walker
Ms Samantha Wakefield


Dr Mohamed Abdel Raouf (Chair)
Mr Makhdoom Ali Khan
Ms Chiann Bao
Ms Jean Kalicki (Chair)
Ms Ndanga Kamau
Mr Brandon Malone
Ms Wendy Miles QC
Ms Ina Popova
Mr Stephan Schill
Hon Jim Spigelman AC QC
Mr Monty Taylor
Mr BC Yoon,
Mr Eduardo Zuleta

Registration information

Early Bird registration is available until November 2017 through the ICCA Sydney Congress website.

ICCA 2018 Congress Sydney: 15-18 April


ICCA Members, Prospective ICCA Members and Arbitration Community,

It is with great pride and pleasure that we invite you to the 24th ICCA Congress, to be held in Sydney, Australia from 15-18 April 2018.

Widely regarded as the largest and most important conference in the international arbitration universe, ICCA’s biennial Congress welcomes both newcomers and experts.  It combines rigorous and stimulating programming featuring leading figures from around the world with the opportunity to engage informally with a vast number of arbitrators, arbitration practitioners, government officials, and judges. 

The 2018 Congress in Sydney will address the theme: “Evolution and Adaptation: The Future of International Arbitration.”  It will be followed by a separate but related event in Queenstown, New Zealand, on 19-20 April 2018, co-hosted by ICCA and AMINZ.

For more information on both the Sydney Congress and the Queenstown event, we encourage you to keep an eye on the ICCA website and to sign up for the ICCA’s monthly online newsletter if you do not already receive it.

We look forward to welcoming you to ICCA Sydney 2018.

Donald Donovan
ICCA President

Evolution and Adaptation: The Future of International Arbitration

The ICCA Congress is the largest regular conference devoted to international arbitration. It takes place every two years, on each occasion in a different city. The 2018 Congress in Sydney will focus on the theme: “Evolution and Adaptation: The Future of International Arbitration”. Please find the ICCA Sydney 2018 Programme here

#ICCA2018Sydney draft Congress papers now online 

We are pleased to provide all Congress attendees with access to the draft papers to be presented at the 2018 ICCA Congress in Sydney on 15-18 April.

Please note that the papers posted on this website are working drafts made available to Congress delegates prior to attending the ICCA Sydney Congress. They will be removed from the ICCA website after the Congress and replaced by final versions as published in ICCA Congress Series No. 20 (distributed to Congress delegates in hard copy after the Sydney Congress by Kluwer Law International and made available on

Working drafts are intended for review by Congress delegates in preparation for the Congress and should not be cited or quoted. All citations should be to the final versions as published in ICCA Congress Series No. 20.

Please note: access is only available to Congress attendees.

Panel 1: Law-Making in International Arbitration: What Legitimacy Challenges Lie Ahead?
Panel 3: Arbitration Challenged I: Reforming Substantive Obligations in Investment Treaties and Conditions of Access to Investment Arbitration
Panel 4: Arbitration Challenged I: Reforming Commercial Arbitration in Response to Legitimacy Concerns
Panel 5: Arbitration Challenged II: Party Autonomy in Choosing Decision-Makers: Advantages and Drawbacks – Should it be Revisited?
Panel 6: Arbitration Challenged II:  The Realities of Arbitration Economics:  Who Gets to Play, and What are the Implications?
Panel 7: Arbitrations Involving Public Bodies/Public Interests Salient Issues: Part 1:  The Increasing Participation of Public Entities in International Arbitration
Panel 8: Arbitrations Involving Public Bodies/Public Interests: Salient Issues: Part 2: Confidentiality, Transparency and Public Participation: Too Far or Not Far Enough?
Panel 9: Building Better Arbitration Proceedings: Part 1:  Revisiting Conventional Wisdom in the Organization of Arbitral Proceedings 
Panel 10: Building Better Arbitration Proceedings: Part 2:  Efficiency and the Lessons to be Learned from Other Dispute Resolution Frameworks 
Panel 12A: The Moving Face of Technology Part 2: Technology as Disruption: Artificial Intelligence
Panel 12B: The Moving Face of Technology Part 2: Technology as Disruption: Cyber Security
Panel 14: New Voices
Panel 15: New Frontiers in International Arbitration: Part 1: Potential of Arbitration Involving New Types of Claims
Panel 16: New Frontiers in International Arbitration: Part 2:  Potential of Arbitration Involving New Stakeholders 

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