Proskauer Lecture on International Arbitration: "Fundamental Rules of Procedure: Whose Due Process is it?"
Ms. Carolyn Lamm

ITA-ASIL Conference Keynote Address "The Future of Large-Scale Claims in Investment Treaty Arbitration"
Ms. Carolyn Lamm

MIAC 2014
Keynote Address
delivered by Mr. Neil Kaplan CBE QC SBS

ICCA 2014 Congress in Miami
Keynote Address
delivered by Judge Stephen M Schwebel

Presentation at PCA Centenary Seminar "ICCA and the PCA"
Ms. Lise Bosman

The Contribution of the United Nations to the Development of International Law
delivered by L. Yves Forter, CC, QC

Mauritius NYC Roadshow Welcome Speech
The Hon, Chief Justice, Y K J Yeung Sik Yuen

ICCA 2012 Congress in Singapore Keynote Address
delivered by Singapore Attorney-General Sundaresh Menon

ICCA 2012 Congress in Singapore Judicial Debate on the General Theme
"State Courts & Intl. Arbitration: The Future" Introduction by V.V. Veeder

ICCA 50th Anniversary Speech
Mr V.V. Veeder, Q.C.

ICCA 50th Anniversary Speech:
"Speakers from the Future"

Patrick Miller

ICCA 50th Anniversary Speech:
"Speakers from the Future"

Ndanga Kamau

ICCA Audiovisual Library

ICCA's Audiovisual Library gathers topical lectures delivered by ICCA Members (the ICCA Lecture Series), interviews conducted with ICCA Members who have made noteworthy contributions to the development of international arbitration law and practice (the ICCA Interview Series), and full film footage from ICCA's biennial Congresses (the ICCA Congress Series).

Closing Ceremony Keynote Address by Lord Leonard Hoffmann
23rd ICCA Congress, Mauritius, Wednesday 11 May 2016
Keynote address by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr Mohamed ElBaradei
23rd ICCA Congress, Mauritius, Sunday 8 May 2016
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations
23rd ICCA Congress, Mauritius, Monday 9 May 2016
Judge Abdulqawi Yusuf (International Court of Justice)
Opening Address - 23rd ICCA Congress, Mauritius, Monday 9 May 2016
Carolyn Lamm
The Inaugural White and Case Arbitration Lecture, University of Miami. "Can Process Make Up for Distrust in International Arbitration?"
Keynote Address by Judge Stephen M. Schwebel
22nd ICCA Congress Miami Opening Ceremony
ICCA President Albert Jan van den Berg
presents his "Vision for ICCA", 8 April 2014
Albert Jan van den Berg.
2nd Karl-Heinz Bockstiegel Lecture "Should the Setting Aside of an Arbitral Award Be Abolished?"
Jan Paulsson.
The Freshfields Arbitration Lecture 2013 "Metaphors, maxims, and other mischief"
4th LSE Arbitration Debate - Is Self-Regulation of International Arbitration an Illusion?.
A debate between Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon and Professor Jan Paulsson...
Lucy Reed
The Kaplan Lecture 2012 "Tribunal Decision-Making: Art, Science, Sport?...
L. Yves Fortier
Peace Palace Seminar October 2012: The UN as an Agent of Progress...
V.V. Veeder
MIDS Opening Lecture October 2012: How and Why Arbitral Ideas Migrate...
Contemporary Challenges in International Arbitration
Queen Mary-SIAC, London September 2012...
Sundaresh Menon, Keynote Address
ICCA Singapore June 2012: The Coming of a New Age for Asia (and Elsewhere)...
Toby Landau
ICCA Singapore June 2012: International Arbitration and the Regulators...
Andrea Menaker
ICCA Singapore 2012: The Future of ICSID...
Don Donovan
ICCA Rio 2010: Effective advocacy in arbitration...

ICCA honours Prof. Eric Bergsten in MIAMI
First recipient of the ICCA Award for Lifetime Contribution to the Field of International Arbitration
Life and Work
The Development of the Vis Moot

ICCA 50th Aniversary
ICCA 50th Aniversary