International Arbitration: the Coming of a New Age?

Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore: 10-13 June 2012

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11 June 2012

09:00 - 10:30 

Joint Plenary Opening Session A1

International Arbitration: The Coming of a New Age for Asia (and Elsewhere).

Opening Address:  The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Law of Singapore K. Shanmugam SC
Keynote Address:
  Sundaresh Menon SC, Attorney General of Singapore  (Singapore)

10:30: - 12:30

Joint Plenary Opening Session A2

International Arbitration: The Coming of a New Age for Asia (and Elsewhere) continues.

Principal Moderators

  • Sundaresh Menon SC, Attorney General of Singapore  (Singapore)
  • Michael Pryles (Australia)


  • Gerold Herrmann (Austria)
  • Doug Jones (Australia)
  • Makhdoom Ali Khan (Pakistan)
  • Kevin Kim (South Korea)
  • Julian Lew (UK)
  • Michael Moser (Hong Kong)
  • Alexis Mourre (France)
  • Lucy Reed (USA)
  • David Williams (New Zealand)
  • Ariel Ye (China)

12:30 - 15:30

Breakout Session B1

Agreeing to and Initiating Arbitration.

Principal Moderator: James Castello (USA)
Rapporteur: Yu-Jin Tay (Singapore)
Rapporteur: Anibal Sabater (Spain)
Second Moderator: Domitille Baizeau (Switzerland)

Breakout Session C1

General Introduction - Transcending national legal orders for international arbitration, both commercial and investment arbitration; legal theories; emerging transnational legal procedure; roles of international law and applicable national laws; lessons for ASEAN from the (Amended) EU Brussels Regulation and Lugano Convention etc..

Principal Moderator: Emmanuel Gaillard (France)
Rapporteur: Frédéric Bachand (Canada)
Rapporteur: Sébastien Besson (Switzerland)

16:30 - 17:30

Breakout Session B2

The Arbitral Proceedings Commence, with an introduction to E and I Arbitration.

Principal Moderator: Martin Hunter (UK)
Cavinder Bull (Singapore)
Dominic Roughton (Japan)
Second Moderator:
Jim Morrison (Australia)

Breakout Session C2

The relationship between international arbitration and the national judge: both arbitral seat and enforcement; anti-suit and anti-arbitration injunctions; bad faith decisions under the New York Convention; state liability for interfering in the international arbitration process.

Principal Moderator: Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler (Switzerland)
Rapporteur: José Alvarez (USA)
Rapporteur: Adriana Braghetta (Brazil)
Second Moderator: Ieva Kalnina (Switzerland)

12 June 2012

09:00 - 10:30

Breakout Session B3

Evidence, Document Production, Witnesses, Experts and Hearings.

Principal Moderator: Teresa Cheng (Hong Kong)
Rapporteur: Nish Shetty (Singapore)
Rapporteur: Anne K. Hoffmann (Germany/ Switzerland)
Second Moderator: Adrian Lai (Hong Kong)

Breakout Session C3

The relationship between international arbitration and the regulator(s): the need for ethical codes, guidelines and best practices for arbitration counsel , arbitrators, arbitral secretaries and arbitral institutions: the DB/MS Rio Code, the ILA Code and the CCBE draft Code.

Principal Moderator: Bernard Hanotiau (Belgium)
Rapporteur: Doak Bishop (USA)
Rapporteur: Toby Landau (UK)
Second Moderator: Min Xiaomao (Singapore)
Second Moderator: J. Romesh Weeramantry (Hong Kong)

10:30 - 12:30

Breakout Session B4

The Tribunal Resolves the Dispute.

Principal Moderator: Audley Sheppard (New Zealand)
Rapporteur: Jakob Ragnwaldh (Sweden)
Rapporteur: Minn Naing Oo (Singapore)
Second Moderator: Chester Brown (Australia)

Breakout Session C4

The Future of European Community Investment Policy:
Navigating between a high level of investment protection and increasing demands for "policy space". - Lessons from the US experience.

Principal Moderator: Kevin Kim (South Korea)
Rapporteur: Dan Price (USA)
Rapporteur: Nikos Lavranos (Netherlands)
Second Moderator: John Bang (Korea)

14:00 - 15:30

Breakout Session B5

Legal and Arbitration Costs.

Principal Moderator: Siegfried Elsing (Germany)
Rapporteur: Judith Gill (UK)
Rapporteur: Jean-Claude Najar (France)
Second Moderator: John M. Townsend (USA)

Breakout Session C5

The future of ICSID, Ad Hoc Committees, Appellate Tribunals, International Investment Courts and Investment Arbitration.

Principal Moderator: Brigitte Stern (France)
Rapporteur: Andrea Menaker (USA)
Rapporteur: Christopher Thomas (Canada)
Second Moderator: Emmanuelle Cabrol  (France)

16:00 - 17:30

Breakout Session B6

The use of Arbitral Secretaries under the New UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and Otherwise: Opportunities and Pitfalls.

Principal Moderator: Constantine Partasides (Cyprus & UK)
Rapporteur: Niuscha Bassiri (Iran)
Rapporteur: Ulrike Gantenberg (Germany)
Second Moderator: Andrew Riccio (USA)

Breakout Session C6

General Lessons for the New Technological Age of International Arbitration: “Let not what happened to newspaper-owners, book-publishers and candle-stick makers happen to arbitration practitioners ….”

Principal Moderator: William K. Slate II (USA)
Rapporteur: The Hon Lord Saville (UK)
Rapporteur: Vicky Harris (UK)
Rapporteur: Steve Fleming (UK)
Rapporteur: Mohamed Abdel Wahab (Egypt)
Second Moderator: Philippe Pinsolle (France)

13 June 2012

Joint Plenary Closing Session D

Joint Plenary Closing Session D
Judicial Debate on the General Theme: "State Courts and International Arbitration: The Future".

Principal Moderator: Albert Jan van den Berg (Netherlands)
Second Moderator: V. V. Veeder (UK)
Panel Secretary: Silvia Borelli (Italy/ Netherlands)

Judicial Debaters:

  • The Hon Sundaresh Menon SC (Attorney General of Singapore)
  • The Hon Justice Ribeiro (Permanent Judge of the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong)
  • The Hon Murray M Gleeson AC (Former Chief Justice of Australia)
  • The Hon Judge Judith Kaye (Former Chief Justice of the New York Court of Appeals)
  • The Hon Judge Dominique Hascher (Presiding Judge at the Court of Appeal of Reims)
  • The Hon Lord Mance (Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom)
  • The Hon Judge Hossein Abedian (Member of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal at The Hague / Former Justice of the Iranian Supreme Court)
  • The Hon Judge Ellen Gracie (Former Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil/ Former President of the Supreme Court of Brazil)
  • The Hon Judge Oksana Kozyr (Judge of the Russian Supreme Arbitrazh Court)
  • The Hon Justice Bellur Narayanaswamy Srikrishna (Former Judge of the Supreme Court of India)
  • The Hon Judge Xiangyang, Xi(Judge of the Fourth Civil Division, The Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China)

21st ICCA Congress Closing Ceremony and Introduction to the 22nd ICCA Congress - Miami 2014

Closing remarks by Michael Pryles and Jan Paulsson; preview of 2014 Congress in Miami by Burton Landy; announcement of Young ICCA-UM scholarship winner by Judy Freedberg; welcome to new ICCA members by ICCA President Jan Paulsson