Young ICCA News 2011

ICCA's Pocket Guide to the New York Convention Launched

Dec 31 2011

ICCA's 50th anniversary conference in Geneva also saw the launch of ICCA’s Guide to the Interpretation of the 1958 New York Convention. The Guide is a clear, concise yet inclusive handbook, written in plain language, on the essential aspects of the scope, interpret .... more

Second Young ICCA workshop in Prague a resounding success

Oct 24 2011

Young ICCA successfully co-hosted a second skills training workshop in Prague on 24 October 2011 with the Co-Chairs' Circle on the topic of "Witness Statements and Document Disclosure in International Arbitration". Young ICCA members from Europe, Africa, Asia an .... more

First Young ICCA Workshop in Geneva Kicks off Workshop Programme

May 19 2011

The session ended with an interview with Prof. Martin Hunter, who shared both his views on memorial-writing from the perspective of the arbitrator and some personal recollections on how he became an arbitration practitioner. Thanks to all participants, to our faculty and to .... more

Co-chairs meet in Geneva to discuss plans for 2011-2012

May 11 2011

Young ICCA co-chairs Eduardo Damiao Gonzalves, Marike Paulsson and Lise Bosman met in Geneva in May 2011 to reflect on Young ICCA's achievements of the last year  -- including the launch of the Mentoring Programme, co-hosting of events in Mauritius, Seoul and Genev .... more