Meet the Mentoring Programme Alumni

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Mentoring Programme Coordinators

Gloria  Alvarez
University of Aberdeen, UK

Eric Chang
Chang Law, US

Mentoring Programme Activities 

Take a look at some of the activities of Young ICCA Mentoring Groups here. 

Workshop in Paris, March 2018

Seminar in Frankfurt, November 2018

Young ICCA Mentoring Programme

The Young ICCA Mentoring Programme provides a unique platform for young professionals to connect with and learn from the experience of more senior members of the arbitration community. Members of Young ICCA may apply to participate in the Mentoring Programme at the start of each new cycle. If you are not yet a member of Young ICCA, click here to apply.

Applications for the 6th cycle of the Young ICCA Mentoring Programme are now closed and successful applicants have been chosen. The selection process for the next cycle will commence in August 2019.

For information on how to apply, please see Who should apply and how? and How are successful Mentee applicants chosen?

What is the Young ICCA Mentoring Programme?

The Young ICCA Mentoring Programme provides Young ICCA Members with a unique opportunity to be mentored by eminent arbitration specialists in the ICCA Community. Mentees are sorted into groups of 3-4 and assigned to a "Mentor" – a senior arbitration expert who is usually a member of ICCA’s Governing Board – and a "Buddy" – an established arbitration practitioner. Together, the Mentor, Buddy and Mentees form a "Mentoring Group".

Each Mentoring Group will work together for 2 years. During this period, the Mentor and Buddy will be available to each of the Mentees in their group to provide advice and career guidance, as well as to impart arbitration wisdom and practical know-how. Guidelines outlining the role of each Mentoring Group participant – Mentor, Buddy and Mentee – and possible activities are available here.

Who should apply and how?

All current Young ICCA members are eligible to apply to become Mentees in the Young ICCA Mentoring Programme. The programme is best suited to students and young professionals interested in international arbitration. Applications for the next cycle of the Programme, commencing in January 2019 are now closed. 

Please note: If you are unable to apply or unsuccessful this year, you will be able to apply next year (in September/October of 2019) for a two-year cycle beginning in January 2020. No fee is charged for participation in the Mentoring Programme, and no financial benefits or funding are available through the Programme. 

How are successful Mentee applicants chosen?

In selecting Young ICCA Members for participation in the Young ICCA Mentoring Programme, Young ICCA aims to achieve a broad diversity and a wide geographical distribution, including appropriate representation of Mentee applicants from countries that are underrepresented in the international arbitration sphere.

Due to the overwhelming number of applications Young ICCA receives for the Programme, it is up to the applicants to ensure that they enter the correct information, particularly with respect to the region and country in which they will be based over the next two years, to the extent that this is known.  

As the Mentoring Programme can only accommodate a limited number of Mentees, the letter of motivation plays an important part in the selection process. The letter of motivation will assist the Programme Coordinators with identifying candidates who demonstrate commitment and motivation and with matching them with the most suitable Mentors and Buddies.

The Young ICCA policy for the application process is as follows:

•    Applications received after the closing of the deadline will not be accepted under any circumstances;
•    Incomplete applications will be disregarded;
•    No special accommodations shall be made to successful applicants, i.e., any requests for a specific Mentor or group will not be enterntained; and
•    Due to the overwhelming number of applications Young ICCA expects to receive for this upcoming Programme, no feedback or comments shall be given to applicants who are not selected to participate in the 2019-2020 Mentoring Programme.

Young ICCA Mentoring Programme Buddies

The Buddy – an established arbitration practitioner and person actively involved in Young ICCA activities – acts as a liaison between the Mentor and Mentees, encouraging all parties to play active roles in the Programme. The Buddy works closely with the Mentor and Mentees to ensure that the logistics of meetings and activities are executed smoothly.

The responsibilities of a Buddy are as follows:

  • Be a full, active and available participant in the Mentoring Group meetings and activities.
  • Have the willingness and ability to organize events and activities in consultation with the Mentor and take initiative in doing so where appropriate.
  • Contribute to the strategic aims of the Programme by assisting the Mentor in planning the overall agenda for the calendar year.
  • Collaborate with the Mentor and Mentees to set up activities.
  • Communicate with Mentees regularly to ensure they are engaged in the Programme, and answer reasonable queries from Mentees regarding career development, arbitration practice and arbitration know-how.

Applications for the role of Buddy are open to practitioners who:

  • Are under 45 years.

  • Have a minimum of  3-5 years’ experience in the field of arbitration (e.g. employment with a law firm with participation in an arbitration practice; employment at a recognised arbitral institute; employment or link to an academic institution in the fields of arbitration/dispute resolution).

Apply to become a Buddy

Applicants must complete an electronic form and then send their CV and a one-page letter of motivation to the mentoring programme coordinators ( and It is up to the applicants to ensure that they enter the correct information, particularly with respect to the region and country in which they expect to be based in the next two years, to the extent possible. 

Please note that there is no communication to applicants who have not been selected.
For questions, please contact the Young ICCA Mentoring Programme Coordinators at: and

News on the 6th Cycle of the Mentoring Programme:

Young ICCA is pleased to announce that the 6th cycle of its flagship Mentoring Progamme is officially underway. We take this opportunity to congratulate the successful applicants and to welcome them to the Programme.  

After a rigorous selection process, Programme Coordinators Gloria Alvarez and Eric Chang identified 64 successful applicants. As the Programme is geared towards promoting the use of arbitration by exposing new practitioners from all corners of the globe to international practice, the following factors were taken into consideration when making the selection: gender and regional diversity among participants, the fact that some jurisdictions are under-represented in international arbitration, the applicants’ demonstration of a true interest and desire to enter the field of international arbitration through prior educational and professional exposure, availability of fewer opportunities to certain applicants and the need for a mix of experience and seniority in each group.

This cycle of the Mentoring Programme will run until December 2020. The selection process for the next cycle will commence in August 2019.