In Conversation with Prof. Dr. Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab

Time: 1.00 - 2.00 PM CEST

Date: 8 October 2020

We are pleased to invite you to a webinar with Prof. Dr. Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab, Founding Partner & Head of International Arbitration, Construction, Oil & Gas and Projects Groups at Zulficar Partners. The webinar will take place on Thursday 8 October 2020 from 1.00 to 2.00 PM CEST.

In this webinar, Prof. Abdel Wahab will share his views on a number of topics related to his diverse background and experiences in international arbitration, including his standout career moments, diversity in international arbitration/dispute resolution, how to build a career in international dispute resolution and efficiency in international arbitration. and will field questions from participants.

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We look forward to welcoming you to this instalment of the Young ICCA Webinar Series.

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Introducing Prof. Dr. Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab

Prof. Dr. Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab is the Founding Partners & Head of International Arbitration, Construction and Energy Groups at Zulficar & Partners Law Firm; Chair of Private International Law and Professor of International Arbitration (Cairo University); Vice-President, ICC International Court of Arbitration; Member of the ICCA Governing Board; Senior Vice-Chair, IBA Arab Regional Forum; Member of the CRCICA Advisory Committee; Vice Chair, ISDS Academic Forum; Member of the MIAC Advisory Board; Member of the CIMAC Court of Arbitration; Member of the Board of Trustees of the CIArb; Member of the SIAC African Users’ Council; Dean and Member of the Advisory Council of the Africa Arbitration Academy; International Expert Member of the China Permanent Forum on Construction Law; Member of Arbitrator Intelligence’s Board of Advisors; Fellow of the National Centre for Technology and Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA; and Member of the Governing Board of International Council on Online Dispute Resolution (ICODR). 

He served as ‘Arbitrator’, ‘Counsel’ and ‘Legal Expert’ in more than 200 cases involving African, Asian, Canadian, European, Middle Eastern and US parties. He was voted the African Personality of June 2018 by Africa Arbitration, and by the Lagos Court of Arbitration in May 2019. He received the LAW Magazine 2017 Best Legal Practitioner Award, the 2018 ASA International Arbitration Advocacy Prize, the 2019 AYA Hall-of-Fame African Arbitrator Award and the 2020 Client Choice International Award. The Legal500 (2019) states he is "one of the best in the world." WWL: Arbitration (2020) says he is “at the top of the market” and “a very well-prepared, exceptional arbitrator”. WWL: Construction (2019) says he is “a leading heavyweight construction law specialist whose analytical skills are second to none.” Client Choice International (2020) by Lexology says: “Mohamed outshines his competitors; he is world-class. He is one of the most brilliant legal brains of his generation and impressive, proactive, a very good speaker, and a very impartial and independent arbitrator”. He is the co-editor of the leading treatise “Online Dispute Resolution Theory & Practice” (2012) which received the CPR Award for best dispute resolution work in 2013.