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In 2012, ICCA launched a series of workshops for judges on the New York Convention known as the “New York Convention Roadshow”. This initiative recognizes the dependence of international arbitration practice on the critical role of national court judges in applying the New York Convention. With 157 contracting States and more than 2000 court decisions interpreting and applying the Convention published in ICCA's Yearbook Commercial Arbitration, the New York Convention is rightly considered to be the legal cornerstone of international commercial arbitration.

ICCA's workshops are led by the ICCA Judicial Committee and organised with the assistance of Young ICCA. Each event is tailored to take account of national and regional legal practice, taking note of the specific challenges national judges face in resolving requests by parties to apply the Convention.

Officially launched in Mauritius in May 2012, the workshops make extensive use of ICCA’s “Guide to the Interpretation of the 1958 New York Convention” (now available in multiple languages, complimentary copies of which are provided to participating judges) and of the New York Convention website (an initiative of Professor Albert Jan van den Berg and Marike Paulsson to accompany classes at the University of Miami).

Past Judicial Workshops 2013

New Delhi new york convention roadshow

ICCA’s New York Convention Roadshow reached India on 23 November 2013, in an event co-hosted by LCIA-India. Speakers included ICCA Governing Board past and present members Mr. Fali Nariman, Professor Jan Paulsson, Mr. Dushyant Dave and Judge Dominique Hascher, as well as the Honourable Mr. Justice Sathasivam (Chief Justice of India, who gave the inaugural address), Mr. Justice SS Nijjar, Ms. Zia Mody, Mr. Justice TS Thakur, Professor Marike Paulsson and Mr. Justice Ranjan Gogoi. Sessions were attended by over 60 sitting and retired judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts, as well as several practitioners and academics. Read the Full Report here, and view photos from the event in the Photo Gallery.

Indonesia new york convention roadshow

ICCA's Indonesian Roadshow was "one of my most satisfactory New York Convention Roadshows" said Governing Board Member Professor Albert Jan van den Berg, after travelling to Indonesia on 3 October 2013. "The judges were genuinely interested and showed a good understanding at the end of the day", he added, noting that the workshop was supported by USAID and the Indonesian Supreme Court and jointly organized by ICCA and the BANI Arbitration Centre, with Mr. M. Husseyn Umar. Preparation of an Indonesian translation of ICCA's Guide to the Interpretation of the NYC was accelerated, and judges attending received preview copies of the new Guide, kindly prepared by Vulkania Nesya Almandine, Raditya Pratamandika, Rahmi Siti Aulianti, Ridovi Kemal, and Priyanka Tobing of KarimSyah.

Seychelles new york convention roadshow

ICCA Governing Board Member and Judge of the French Cour de cassation Judge Dominique Hascher travelled to Seychelles on 9-12 August 2013 for a judges’ workshop on the New York Convention. Together with the Permanent Court of Arbitration Legal Counsel and Representative in Mauritius, Ms. Fedelma C. Smith, Judge Hascher delivered a full-day workshop to an audience of 60 participants that included Judges from the Supreme Court of Seychelles as well as retired Judges, Magistrates, members of the Bar of Seychelles, lawyers from the office of the Attorney-General, members of the Fair Trading Commission of Seychelles, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, and delegates of local businesses. The presenters referred extensively to ICCA’s Judges' Guide in English and French. Following the workshop, the Chief Justice of Seychelles, the Hon. Frederick Egonda-Ntende, hosted a dinner for the visiting speakers and representatives of the Bar Association. The workshop was hosted by the Supreme Court of Seychelles and was organized in close cooperation with the PCA Office in Mauritius, which was established pursuant to the PCA-Mauritius Host Country Agreement signed in 2009.

Mauritius New York Convention Roadshow

On 13-14 August 2013, ICCA Governing Board Member and Judge of the French Cour de cassation, Judge Dominique Hascher, delivered a two-day training workshop on the New York Convention for members of the Mauritius Bar Association.  The session was attended by 25 barristers and attorneys from Mauritius and focused on the practical application of the New York Convention under the framework of the Mauritius Arbitration Act 2008, as amended in 2013.  The programme made use of the ICCA Guide to the New York Convention in French and English.  The workshop took place over two full days, the second day being devoted to a fully-interactive advocacy workshop based on a hypothetical scenario of an arbitration taking place in Mauritius. The workshop was hosted by the Mauritius Bar Association and was organized in close cooperation with the LCIA-Mauritius International Arbitration Centre and the Permanent Court of Arbitration Legal Counsel and Representative in Mauritius, Ms. Fedelma C. Smith.

Georgia new york convention roadshow

ICCA Governing Board Member V.V. Veeder Q.C. travelled to Tbilisi, Georgia on 19-20 June 2013 for a judges’ workshop on the New York Convention. Together with the coordinator of Young ICCA’s European Desk, Eva Kalnina (Levy Kaufmann-Kohler, Geneva), Mr. Veeder addressed six Judges from the Georgian Supreme Court (Georgia’s highest court) and the Court of Appeal, as well as twelve assistants to Supreme Court judges.  Extensive use was made of the newly-published Georgian translation of ICCA’s Judges' Guide. Following the workshop, the Chief Justice of Georgia, Mr.Konstantine Kublashvili, hosted a reception for ICCA experts and participating judges at the Supreme Court of Georgia.

On the following day, several Georgian arbitration practitioners joined the ICCA visitors in presenting a full day introductory training session on international arbitration, organized by Young ICCA and attended by over 90 Georgian practitioners.

Both judges’ and practitioners’ training sessions were organized in close cooperation and with financial support of the East - West Management Institute, which is implementing the Judicial Independence and  Legal Empowerment Project (JILEP) in Georgia, in turn funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Myanmar New York Convention Roadshow

At the invitation of Aung San Suu Kyi in her capacity as Chair of Myanmar’s Parliamentary Committee on Rule of Law, a delegation supported by ICCA and the IBA conducted a series of workshops from 17-20 June 2013 in Yangon, Myanmar on international arbitration and the New York Convention. The delegation consisted of Neil Kaplan QC, representing ICCA, Mark Friedman, representing the IBA, Robert San Pe, special legal adviser to Aung San Suu Kyi, Justice Quentin Loh, representing the Supreme Court of Singapore, Chiann Bao, Secretary General of the HKIAC, Minn Naing Oo formerly CEO and Registrar of SIAC and Dr Romesh Weeramantry. Workshops referred to the Burmese translation of ICCA's Judges' Guide.

On the first day of the workshops, Aung San Suu Kyi attended and met with the delegation and participants.  She noted that she was “delighted” that the delegation had come and that it was extremely important work in the context of Myanmar’s future development. 

Rwanda New York Convention Roadshow

A recent East African conference in Kigali, Rwanda, featured a day of judicial training under the auspices of ICCA's New York Convention Roadshow.The conference, hosted by Kigali International Arbitration Centre (KIAC) took place from 24-25 May and had over 100 attendees, including regional judges. ICCA Governing Board Member Professor Albert Jan van den Berg led an interactive exploration of the 1958 New York Convention’s objectives, suggesting methods of interpreting and applying its text in accordance with best international practice. The workshop concluded with a lively question and answer session.

The workshop was opened with an address from the Chief Justice of Rwanda His Lordship Sam Rugege and the Keynote Address was delivered by Mr. Shasore San Olasupo, former Attorney General of Lagos State. The workshop marked the first anniversary of the KIAC and was supported by the Investment Climate Facility for Africa, the Rwanda Private Sector Federation and the Ministry of the East African Community.

China New York Convention Roadshow

ICCA Governing Board Member and expert on the New York Convention Albert Jan van den Berg traveled to China on 22-30 April to present a series of lectures, discussions and presentations in conjunction with his role as Visiting Professor of the School of Law of Tsinghua University, Beijing. The sessions were the initiative of Governing Board member Teresa Cheng, and as part of ICCA's New York Convention Roadshow initiative, Professor van den Berg led a Roundtable Discussion on 25 April with over 20 judges from the Supreme People's Court Division 4 (the Division that deals with international arbitration and enforcement of awards). The judges participated in discussions on the Convention's operation and application, as well as the enforcement of awards and the obligation to refer disputes to arbitration. Each participant received a hard copy of the Chinese/English translation of ICCA's Guide to the Interpretation of the 1958 New York Convention (available for free electronic download from ICCA's website)

In addition to his work with local judges, Professor van den Berg participated in an event co-organised by Young ICCA, the China Britain Law Institute and the Tsinghua Law School entitled "What Does an International Arbitrator Expect from You?". With over 60 young practitioners in attendance, the lunch-time seminar included a lively discussion and question and answer session.

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